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Advertising and Creative - R K SWAMY BBDO

At R K SWAMY BBDO, we believe that in demanding marketing situations, merely clever attention-getting communication that is based on a peripheral understanding of the product or service or consumer is unlikely to succeed. Our communication development or execution is based on an incisive understanding of the product, the consumer and the market. Little wonder that our advertising and communication efforts have helped create brands, have built brands and revived brands. Perhaps this is the reason we have been consistently ranked as one of India's top few agencies over the past three decades.

R K SWAMY Media Group

The Media environment has become complex. Which is precisely the reason why it abounds in opportunities for advertisers who are open to new ways of connecting with their audience. Our Media team looks far beyond numbers and uncovers new ways to connect with audiences. It offers leading-edge thinking with tools, processes and customer engagement techniques that have delivered extraordinary results.

The Digital team has people immersed in the space to deliver exceptional analysis and new ways of using the web. The Outdoor team, with its own set of tools to manage a difficult medium, can go from approval to in-market national execution in a matter of days.

Market Research
Hansa Research is the fastest growing market research Company in India, and an emerging global force having conducted field work in 77 countries. We offer customized research solutions, both in-depth qualitative and quantitative research, providing insights into clients' issues, with offices in India and USA.

Hansa's Research solutions include brand health measurement and tracking, customer satisfaction measurement, advertising pre-testing, advertising effectiveness measurement, product testing, concept testing, new product research including volume estimation, package testing and trade satisfaction measurement.

In partnership with Media Research Users Council, Hansa Research conducts the worlds largest Media Research- Indian Readership Survey - with an annual sample size of over 250,000 covering Urban and Rural India.

Hansa InfoSource provides a wealth of information based on desk research. Over 100 products and service categories are continuously monitored and market and competitive dates can be sourced at short notice.

Advanced Analytics
Hansa Customer Equity leverages the power of marketing / customer databases, undertakes advanced analytics and provides marketing automation solutions for accelerated campaign delivery. The team comprises of acknowledged experts in the domain. Hansa Customer Equity delivers a positive ROI on marketing investments. It tracks, and enhances, such ROI over time.

Hansa Customer Equity works with companies that are interested in smart use of customer transaction data for business building.

Interactive Services

The worldwide web is a Medium. The worldwide web is a buzz of voices. The world wide web is a business tool. As is mobile telephony.

Whatever the needs of the advertiser, the R K SWAMY Interactive team, along with iVista Digital Solutions and Digital Direction can create intelligent programs to harness the potential of the web and mobile. From creating comprehensive websites and micro sites, to planning and buying digital and mobile media, managing and optimizing Search building transactional e-commerce sites, the team's decade long experience addresses the issues relating to this very now and interactive medium.
Marketing Services

Our Specialist below-the-line team ensure that the sale on the ground takes place. We have handled simple multi town activation projects to large multi-city launch events, award shows and exhibitions. Our retail identity unit ensure ubiquitous spread of our clients brands.

Specialised Communication Services
We have handled a wide range of projects in our Social^Rural division for many Ministries of the Government of India and NGOs like Plan International, Futures Constella, HLFPPT, STOP TOBACCO, Development Alternatives

(incubating agency), Population Foundation International and some International / Funding agencies such as DANIDA, DFID, USAID, UNICEF, European Commission, World Bank, and JSK (National Population Stabilisation Fund).

In Health Care Communication, we have worked with over 50 pharmaceutical firms, both MNC and Indian, producing international award winning work in the process.

Similarly we have developed highly focused HR Communication that manage the important human wealth of any organization with both internal and external communication. We also have a web enabled creative development tool which is unique in this space.


More of our offerings
Hansa TV has been a leader of South Indian language TV content for nearly two decades. Over 3000 hours of content has been produced for prime TV and afternoon serials – soaps, family dramas, mythology, chat shows, game shows, sport events etc.

Hansa MedCell is in the business of Continuing Medical Education and Scientific Content Development. So far over 400,000 Medical practitioners have participated in CME programs across most specialties.

Hansa viaLanguage helps Indian companies the facility to seamlessly communicate to customers across the world in their own languages, be it technical literature, product manuals, guarantee cards, instruction manuals, websites, advertising etc.

Services in USA

Hansa is a single source world class provider of Integrated Marketing and Communications and Services, with an efficient global delivery model. We enable our clients to gain a clear concise path to marketing success by putting their business objectives front and center in every relationship.

Our shared mission is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing investments. We accomplish this through separating the essential from the irrelevant. We believe enduring relationships begin with curiosity; together we can explore who you are, what makes you different, and how to make others see and appreciate this difference through sophisticated experimentation and proven thought frameworks and methodologies. Simply, we help marketers understand what makes things happen and how to make things happen.